Supported transition

Year 5 Taster Day

Approximately 250 CLC Primary school students are bussed to KHS for the day. During this day they take part in several demonstration lessons.


Year 5 CLC students are brought to KHS and spend the day learning an act (typically a dance). They then have the opportunity to perform this at the CAPA night, which the parents attend.

Year 6 Visits

Transition coordinator and incoming year advisor visit CLC primary schools to give students an overview of what they can expect when they come to KHS

KHS Year 6 Information Night

An evening held at KHS with various guest speakers giving information to the parents and students. Families then have a guided tour of the school with demonstrations from all faculties

Academic Stream Selection

The Academic Stream classes are selected through a series of exams and interviews.

Meetings with CLC Yr 6 Reps

Meet with the CLC reps to ensure that the class placements are appropriate.

Year 6 Orientation day

In term 4 Year 6 are brought to KHS for the day and complete a range of activities in their probable class groups for the next year.

Extended Transition

Students with special needs such as anxiety issues may partake in our extended transition program which runs on Wednesday afternoons.

Athletics Carnivals

All CLC Athletics carnivals are now held at KHS with our students officiating.

Sport Expo

KHS students attend PBPS for three days in the last week of term 4. They run students through a range of sports.

Attendance at Yr 6 Graduations

A member of the exec and the incoming Year Advisor attends all CLC Year 6 graduation ceremonies. KHS also sponsors an award at each of these.

STEM Challenge

A STEM challenge is given to the CLC schools for Yr 5. Previously it has been a mousetrap racer. We give them the unit to teach and the resources. We visit and guide the students and then it culminates in the students attending an evening at the school where the students race their vehicles.

CAPA Concerts

CLC students are bussed to KHS to watch a matinee of the end of year CAPA productions

Future developments

We are looking at developing a program to create media units. Our students would visit the CLC schools and help students to film and produce PBL style productions

We are looking at training students to become coaches who can then visit CLC schools in sport time and help coach teams