PBL stands for ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’. PBL is a whole school welfare approach that supports school leadership teams to create positive learning environments that enable and support student learning and wellbeing. PBL involves teachers being ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ in their approach to supporting students. This approach is happening across a number of primary schools and at Kingscliff High.


PBL is in its development phase at Bogangar Public School, but a lot of progress was made in 2018, such as –

  • All key stakeholders (teachers, students, staff and the community) were consulted to determine the school’s values and priorities.
  • A PBL mascot was been created and chosen by students.
  • After consultation, a behaviour matrix was created by all BPS stakeholders that explicitly details the expected behaviours for students across the school.
  • Lessons have been created to explicitly teach students the expected school behaviours.
  • Three core values have been determined – ‘We are Safe’, ‘We are Respectful’ and ‘We are Learners’.


Cudgen Public School has been implementing PBL for 2 years. In that time Cudgen has learnt: PBL is really powerful and it does bring about significant change in behaviour by bringing students, staff and parents together with a clear understanding of the behaviour expectations and using a common language. It also brings teachers together consistently rewarding and highlighting the positive behaviour kids display.

Key achievements in this time include:

  • K-6 weekly lessons that reinforce and shape the behaviour that we want in our school and in the long run help the students become great citizens
  • Development of power points and resources to support the lessons
  • Development of a mascot – Captain Cudgen
  • Signage around the school reinforcing our rules
  • Development of a passive play area to help support students during lunch time


  • Have just started out on their PBL journey, but have just started teaching Universal Lessons from the first day of this year.
  • 4 core values are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient
  • Mission statement: Kingscliff Public School is an inclusive and supportive environment with high expectations, where students are encouraged to become independent, resilient, lifelong learners. With a shared vision of respectful relationships between students, staff, parents and community, we strive for excellence in academic, cultural, physical and social development.
  • Students worked on designs for the PBL mascot competition


Kingscliff High School has a focus on explicitly teaching positive behaviour expectations to support every student in maintaining STAR behaviour across the school. STAR students at Kingscliff High School are Safe, Tolerant, Achieving and Respectful.

All students are expected to know and practice the Positive Behaviours for Learning at all times. To assist with learning the behaviour, all students participate in PBL lessons during extended roll call on Monday’s. The behaviours taught in these lessons are reinforced at whole school assemblies, newsletters and through signage.

Students are supported in developing and maintaining appropriate behaviours, through positive reinforcement.  Kingscliff High School has a range of strategies for rewarding students who consistently apply the Positive Behaviour for Learning values.