Future shared directions across all schools

  • Leadership facilitated through a CLC environmental project focused on reducing plastic waste.
  • Sharing of leadership resources and initiatives.
  • High school leaders to teach characteristics of leadership to primary schools
  • Develop a leadership continuum.


  • Student Leadership packages and application process, including written application endorsed by family and teacher, leadership speech and panel interview.
  • Student Representative Council from K-6; with feedback processes involving the SRC, Executive and P&C embedded within the school structure 
  • Student Leadership attendance at Halogen Young Leaders Day
  • Kinder – Year 5/6 Peer Buddy program
  • Indigenous mentoring with AIME and YULI program
  • School Leaders program with Year 6 students 
  • QUEST Leadership Training with Stage 3 students


  • 4 captains plus 4 additional student leaders SRC (2 reps per class)
  • Currently looking at roles and responsibilities, units of work, projects, and Leadership development program


All students at KPS are encouraged to be leaders in their own learning

Students can be recognised and supported as leaders in the classroom playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events or projects.

Kingscliff Public school supports students with opportunities to demonstrate leadership by:

  • Being involved in the School Representative Council (SRC)
  • Participate as school ambassadors or representatives beyond the school
  • Participate in the Better Buddies program as part of our Kindergarten transition
  • Represent the school in key leadership roles as school leaders and captains
  • Acting as mentors and coaches to other students
  • Participating in leadership training with a focus on public and personal leadership
  • Be recognised as leaders in KLA specific areas
  • Be involved in identifying and defining behavioural expectations.